Homework due 25th February

Hello children,

It has come to my attention that some homework books were left behind in class. Please do not worry, homework tasks are below:

Half term homework:

*Research ‘popular culture’ for our history topic ‘that’s entertainment’ and create nice work for our timeline display (art/booklets/posters)

*Practise spellings from last term and write 5 sentences including 5 of these spellings

*Complete my maths activity on time

*Continue to practise rapid recall or times tables

Have a fantastic break and be good! 🙂

H/W due 5th feb

My maths on data handling ready to complete-deadline for my maths (09/02/16)

Spellings and grammar activity for blue/green/yellow

HA sp grammar hw

spellings red/orange
Spellings red orangespellings red/orange

Homework due 28th January 2016

Spellings for Blue, yellow and green table

Spellings due Thursday 28th

Spellings Red and Orange table

Spellings red orange

Grammar activity-Red and orange complete 10 similes and yellow, blue, green complete fifteen similes.

similies hw

Performance Poetry

Beware of the Jabberwoc!!!

Beware of the Jabberwock!!!

Retelling poetry

Retelling poetry

The dragon

The dragon

MYTHS & LEGENDS: retelling the story of Thor

This group made props to help them with their story retelling.

This group made props to help them with their story retelling.

'The end'

‘The end’

Acting out the story of Thor

Acting out the story of Thor

Showing Thor's hammer

Showing Thor’s hammer

Showing her sword

Showing her sword

Macbeth – The final battle !

Some of the children have been retelling the final battle from a soldier’s perspective.

Manga High Challenge

Hopefully some of the pupils in Year 4 will be keen to achieve this !

The all-new student version of Mangahigh has arrived !  Any student who earns 200 points during June 2015 will receive a REAL Mangahigh gold medal in the post!

Students can earn points by completing any game or Prodigi activity on Mangahigh.  A bronze medal is worth 1 point, a silver is worth 2 points and a gold is worth 3 points.

Medal Points



Using MyMaths on iPad or iPhone

MyMaths is now available on Puffin Academy App.

To access, simply download the Puffin Academy App from your Apple or Android store. Once downloaded, the quickest way to access MyMaths is to open the Puffin Academy browser and search for MyMaths in the search bar and then bookmark.

Year 4 organise Egyptian Exhibition

On Thursday 21st May, Year 4 organised their own Egyptian exhibition. The exhibition showcased Egyptian mummies, the Great Pyramids, amulets, scarab beetles, Egyptian portraits, Egyptian death masks and hieroglyphics. The pupils created and planned the exhibition and produced writing to accompany the different objects on display.

DSCF3494 DSCF3495 DSCF3497 DSCF3500 DSCF3501 DSCF3502 DSCF3503 DSCF3508 DSCF3510 DSCF3513 DSCF3515 DSCF3519

Egyptian Portraits

Examples of the Egyptian art from Rowan Class. The pupils used chalk and charcoal to add colour. Add your comments to the art below.

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